Post a poll

Steps for instructors on how to post a poll or quiz

Step 1: In the Q&A forum, click the "New Post" button:


Step 2: Select "Poll" as the post type:

Step 3: Select folder(s) to post in:

Step 4: Fill out the content of your poll:

Step 5: Enter your poll choices:

Step 6: Submit an explanation or correct answer, if there is one:

Step 7: Select whether students can vote on one choice, or multiple choices:

Step 8: Select how long you want the poll to remain open:

Options: 2 hours, 6 hours, 1 day, 2 days, or 7 days

Step 9: Select when you would like poll results to be visible to voters, if at all:

Step 10: Select whether students can revote or not:

Step 11: Choose the anonymity settings for the poll:

Step 12: Choose when to publish your poll to the class, and whether to send students an email notification of the poll:

Once published, instructors will see a poll admin panel:

→ Close (and reopen) the poll at any time
→ Download a CSV of poll statistics
→ Clone an identical copy of the poll and its settings
→ Hide poll results from the class

Poll results will display in a bar graph:


Check out student participation on the Class Statistics page.
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