Enrolling Students

There are several ways to get students enrolled on Piazza:

Students can enroll themselves
Students can sign themselves up in one of two ways:

1. On our homepage at piazza.com
Students can visit our homepage at piazza.com and click the green "Students Get Started" button. Then, they will be prompted to enter their university, your course name, and a school email address. They will also need to indicate that they are students rather than TAs or professors. 

See the step-by-step instructions for signing up on our homepage here.

2. Through your LMS
If you integrate Piazza into your LMS, students will be able to sign up on your class Q&A forum by clicking the Piazza link within your LMS page. The student's role and email address will be carried over to Piazza, but students will need to create a new password. From there, students will be able to view Piazza through a single sign-on with your LMS.

You can enroll your students
As an instructor, you can add your students in one of several ways:

1. By entering student email addresses
Click the Manage Class -> Manage Enrollment tabs. Then, enter student email addresses, separated by commas or spaces:

2. By uploading a CSV of the class roster
Click the Manage Class -> Manage Enrollment tabs. Then, scroll down to the Enroll Students section and click "upload a file":

Then, throughout the semester, you can use the "Enable Add/Drop" feature to add or drop students who were not on the original roster. Enter the emails of students who have added the course, and if you'd only like to drop students, leave the field blank. Click "Enable Add/Drop" and then "Add/Drop Students":

Then, the following window will appear. Select the students you'd like to add or drop, and click "Add/drop selected students":

This will update your class roster.
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