Steps for Students on How to Adjust Email Notification Settings

1. Click the gear icon from within Piazza Q&A, then Account/Email Settings in the drop-down menu:

2. Under the Class & Email Settings header, click Edit Email Notifications for the particular class:

3. Select your preferred settings for new posts and for updates to posts you follow, then click Save Settings:

Note: The default setting for Smart Digest for students is 4 hours.
Options for email notifications:
  • Real Time: receive an email notification immediately for new posts
  • No Emails: do not receive any email notifications, except when an instructor bypasses this setting
  • Daily Digest: receive a digest of new posts once a day
  • Smart Digest: receive a digest of new posts every 1-6 hours

Note: If you disable your email notifications or drop a class, there may be one more email digest queued up to send. After that, you will not receive any more.

 Save your settings!
 Add another 
email address to your Piazza account.