Steps for Instructors on How to Post A Poll

Each poll supports one question. Polls can be used during lecture to check understanding of class material, or can be used to decide class logistics such as when office hours should be held.

1. In the Q&A forum, click the New Post button:

2. Select Poll as the post type:

3. Select folder(s) to post in:

4. Fill out the contents of your poll:

5. Enter your poll's answer choices. You can re-order and re-name poll choices after adding :

6. (Optional) Submit an explanation or correct answer:

7. You can allow students to select one or multiple answer choices:

8. Select how long you want the poll to remain open:

Options: 2 hours, 6 hours, 1 day, 2 days, or 7 days

9. Select when you would like poll results to be visible to students, or never:

10. Select whether students can revote or not:

11. Choose the anonymity settings for the poll:

12. Choose when to publish your poll to the class, and whether to send students an email notification of the poll:

Once published, instructors will see a poll admin panel (shown below):

→ Close (and reopen) the poll at any time

→ Download a CSV of poll statistics

→ Clone an identical copy of the poll and its settings

→ Hide poll results from the class


Poll results will display in a bar graph:

Check out student participation on the Class Statistics page.