View Class Statistics Section

As the class becomes active, the Class Statistics page will display a rich summary of course statistics, including student participation, usage trends, and average response time.

Please note that students will not have access to this information, they will only have access to their own statistics in their Statistics tab.

Click Statistics > View Statistics to view your class stats:

Downloads and reports

There are 3 options along the top bar:
       → Download class statistics as a CSV file

      → View Class Report, an overview page of statistics

      → Bulk download all poll results in the class

You can also select the option below to get a JSON/XML and a CSV file of class data.



View a line graph of usage trends, including number of unique users per day and number of posts per day, broken down by week:


Class at a glance

View a summary of class totals:


Top student contributors

View the top 5 student contributors in the class:

*posts are questions and notes
**contributions are posts, responses, edits, followups, and comments to followups (i.e., everything)

Individual student statistics

1. Number of questions posted

2. Number of questions marked as "good" by instructors

3. Number of questions answered

4. Number of student answers endorsed by an instructor

5. Number of posts viewed

Participation report for instructors and students

Data is shown for each student and instructor enrolled in the course. 

Additional stats


Learn how to endorse a student's good question or answer!