How to Create Folders to Organize Posts

How do folders work?

Folders are a way of keeping your class content organized. Instructors can create, edit, or delete folders, as well as disable folders altogether. Folders will begin appearing in your Q&A as content gets posted in them. By default, students are required to select relevant folders when creating a post.

 1. Click on the Manage Class button:


2. Click the Customize Q&A header, and find the Configure Class Folders section:

3. You can simply keep the default folders, or edit them and create custom folders:


4. When adding custom folders, you can create numbered folders or individual custom folders:


Once created, students and instructors can post within the folder(s). Instructors can also create a new folder when making a post.

Folders will appear along the top bar as content is posted in them:

For easy access to folders, create a post and select all folders to serve as a table of contents for your folders. Use #pin to pin post on everyone’s feed.