How to Enable Group-Based Discussions in Your Class

Group Based Discussion allows instructors and students to post to a subset of students in the class, suitable for when your class consists of multiple sections or project teams.

1. Click on the Manage Class button:


2. Click on the Create Groups tab:


3. Click Create Groups to set up groups in your class:

4. You can create numbered groups (Team 1, Team 2, etc.) or custom groups:

Note: At this time, we don't support editing group names.

5. Once you have created your groups, select whether students can self-join groups, or assign students to groups by clicking on the group title:


6. Enroll students by pasting their email addresses into the field. Instructors are automatically enrolled in every group:

Students and instructors can post to members of their group:


The group post will be labeled in the feed, and only visible to members of that group: