There are two ways to enroll fellow instructors and TAs in your course.

By default, instructor self signup is disabled. To allow instructors to enroll themselves, visit Manage Class > General Settings > Class Information

Then select Enable under Instructor Self-Signup and click Save Changes.

Once Instructor Self Signup is enabled, instructors will be able to enroll themselves by visiting our homepage and clicking the blue Professors and TAs Get Started button. Then, they will be prompted to enter their university, the course name, and their school email address. They will also need to indicate whether they are a TA or a professor in the course. As the creator of the course, you will receive an email notification whenever a fellow instructor enrolls in this manner. 

To add instructors directly to the course, please click on Manage Class > Manage Enrollment.

Then, please copy and paste the instructors' email addresses (separated by commas or spaces) into the text box in the Enroll Professors/TAs field and click Add Instructors. Instructors added in this manner will then receive a welcome email letting them know they've been added to the course.