An Overview of the Feed and Filtering

 Click the gear icon to view and select various filter options:

Types of Filters

Each type of filter will be indicated by the black bar underneath the search bar. For example, if you select Unresolvedyou will see this:

     All: displays all posts in your feed

     Unread: filters unread posts in your feed 

  • labeled with a blue dot
  • not including unread followups

     Updated: filters posts that have been updated/edited since your last login

  • including unread posts

     Unresolved: filters unanswered questions and unresolved followups 

  • questions lacking an instructor and student answer are highlighted in red
  • followups that are unresolved are labeled in red text below the post description

    Due for an Answer: filters posts that require an answer after a set time

    Following: filters posts you are currently following

    Archived: filters posts you have archived/hidden from your feed

    Instructor Posts: filters posts made by instructors

More options:

     Mark all read: mark all posts as read, including unread posts

     View in compact mode: hides posts descriptions from your feed

          → only displays post titles

     Show helper icons: displays small icons to label post-type

          → green "s" has a student answer, orange "i" has an instructor answer

          → check-mark means an instructor endorsed the student's answer

          → graph icon is poll and line icon is note

Show followup count: displays the number of followups in a post