To comment or post a followup question to a Q&A post, please click within the text box just beneath the post that reads, "Compose a new followup discussion."


All post contributors, as well as any others following the post, will be notified of a new followup. Only instructors and the original author can edit a particular followup, but anyone can comment on it or reply to it. 

When a new followup is posted, it will automatically be set to Unresolved, and red text reading 1 Unresolved Followup will display beneath the post in your Q&A feed, as seen below.

Individual instructors and students can resolve a followup by selecting Resolved just above the followup or Unresolved again should they have additional questions. 

If resolved/unresolved followups are not relevant for your class, you can disable these actions (recommended when students use followups to generate discussions with no single "right" answer). To disable the toggle, navigate to your Manage Class tab and scroll down to Resolved/Unresolved Toggle on Followups. If you decide to re-enable this toggle, any followups that were not previously marked as Resolved will be marked as Unresolved.

If you'd like to keep track of the number of followups in a post, click on the gear icon in the top righthand corner of your Q&A feed and select Show Followup Count