Teaching multiple sections? Piazza enables you to merge multiple sections into a single Piazza class. Piazza leverages the collective knowledge of its community, so the more brains you have focused on the same material, the more powerful Piazza is as a resource. Be sure to check your school’s policies and other applicable guidelines to determine if merging sections is permitted by your institution.

1. To merge two Piazza classes, first go to Manage Class > Manage Enrollment for one of your classes:

2. From here, under Enroll Students, you can download your class roster as a CSV:

3. Then scroll down, and click Select All and Un-enroll selected students:

4. In your second class, go to Manage Class > Manage Enrollment, and copy and paste the student emails from the CSV roster in step (2). Then click Add Students:

If you would like to merge more than two classes, repeat steps 1-4. Please reach out to the Piazza Team at help@piazza.com any time for help with deleting extraneous classes.