Customizing the Color of Your Top Bar

For those students who utilize Piazza for multiple courses, you can quickly and visually differentiate between your classes by customizing the color of your top bar.  These custom colors will only be visible to you and will not change the top bar color for your peers and instructors.

1. In your Piazza Q&A account, your header bar color can be customized by navigating to the color bar menu illustrated below:

2. Once pressed, you will be offered a suite of colors to choose from:

3. Once a color is selected, you should see your top bar color change instantaneously:

4. Navigating to another course will display that courses' selected top bar color:

Additionally, for those who have multiple Piazza courses, an efficient way to change any course's top bar color can be found through Account/Email Settings:

On the resulting page you will be able to see all your Piazza courses and will be able to adjust the top bar color for each accordingly under Class & Email Settings: