Two pieces of information are needed to complete the integration: 

  • Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret

Please contact to receive a key and secret for your school when you’re ready to use the integration in real classes.

For testing purposes, we also provide a demo key and secret which are as follows:

Demo Consumer Key: piazza.sandbox 

Demo Consumer Secret:  test_only_secret 

Please note that the values above are for testing purposes only and have limited functionality.

Please contact us if you have any issues with the following instructions, or if you have questions about using Piazza.

Getting Started

  1. Once logged into Coursera, navigate to Your Username Admin and then select the session for which you would like to integrate Piazza by clicking the session link.

  2. Click the link in the Course field.

  3. Select Advanced > LTI Management.

  4. Click anywhere in the box to type the required information for the Piazza Course:


Any descriptive name.



Enter the value you received from


Enter the value you received from


Select Share email address

  1. Next, copy the link provided in the Share this field, for use in a later step.

  2. At the top of the page select Setup > Navigation.

  3. In the text fields provided, input the following information to display the Piazza link within your Coursera course:


Piazza Discussion Forum

Link TypeL: 

Select URL Link (New Tab/Window)

Link Data:

Paste the link you copied from the Share this field

Once selecting Update Navigation Bar Details, your Piazza integration into Coursera will be complete!