Two pieces of information are needed to complete the integration: 

  • Key

  • Security Token

Please contact to receive a key and secret for your school when you’re ready to use the integration in real classes.

For testing purposes, we also provide a demo key and secret which are as follows:

Demo Key: piazza.sandbox 

Demo Security Token:  test_only_secret 

Please note that the values above are for testing purposes only and have limited functionality.

Please contact us if you have any issues with the following instructions, or if you have questions about using Piazza.

Getting Started

For instructors looking to integrate Piazza within Blackboard, there are a few steps your administrators will need to implement if this is your institution's first time integrating Piazza.  If Piazza is already integrated with your institution's Blackboard account, you can skip down to the Instructor section.


In the Administrator Tools panel of Blackboard pictured below, Blackboard Administrators at your institution will be able integrate Piazza by navigating through the following links, starting with Building Blocks:

From here you will prompted to navigate to the LTI Tool Providers link:

From here, you can navigate to Register Provider Domain: 

The final step for the institution’s Blackboard administrator is to enter in the Provider Domain text field and press Submit:


Once the above steps have been completed by your institution’s Blackboard administrators, you as the instructor will be able to add a few security and integration details to get your Piazza course integrated with Blackboard:

In your Blackboard Instructor profile, you can navigate to Getting Started and select Create:

From here you can navigate to Teaching tools with LTI connection:

For the Configuration URL, input into the text field:

You will then be prompted to enter a Key and Security Token, which you can request from

Once you have input the Key and Security Token into the corresponding fields above and press Save, your Piazza course should be fully integrated into your institution’s Blackboard.