How to Create Folders to Organize Posts

How do folders work?

Folders are a way of keeping your class content organized. Instructors can create, rearrange, edit, or delete folders, as well as disable folders altogether. Folders appear in the top bar based on the order decided by the professor. By default, students are required to select relevant folders when creating a post.

Click the Manage Folders header, and find the Configure Class Folders section:

You can simply keep the default folders, edit them and create custom folders, or disable folders all together.  

When creating new folders, first type the title of the new folder in the Add a folder text box and then click Add folder(s). 

You can also customize how you’d like to number your folders. For example, you could create several numbered folders with the same topic, such as hw. (without a pre-set suffix). 


You can sort the order in which you’d like folders to appear in the Q&A top bar by clicking and dragging on these icons.

For further organization, you can create subfolders by using the Create Subfolder button next to any folder.

Rename the folders by clicking edit folder name. This will rename the folder for every post associated with the original folder name. 

To delete a folder(s), check the small box to the left of the folder's name, and then click Delete selected folders. Please note if you choose to enable the folders feature, your class will need at least one folder. 

Once created, students and instructors can post within the folder(s). Instructors can also manage and reorder folders when making a post, which will open Manage Class in a new tab.