Students can access Piazza by clicking the Piazza tab at the top. Members in your Team will automatically be enrolled into your Piazza class as students, once they click the tab and follow the prompts. (If you need to enroll any Members in your Team as instructors to your Piazza class, you can do so by adding them as instructors from your ‘Manage Class’ tab in your Piazza top bar.)



When students access the Piazza tab, they’ll be taken directly to the Piazza class if they have a Piazza account that is associated with their Microsoft Teams email address. There, they can begin to view posts by clicking items in their class feed. They can add a new post with the blue ‘New Post’ button.


If they do not have a Piazza account, they can follow the “create account” prompt. They will then be asked to enter a password to create a Piazza account. This is so they can access their class from our main website as well as access our mobile apps. They will go through the standard student account setup flow. Once they finish setting up their account, they’ll be taken to their Piazza class. There, they can begin to interact with posts.

Finally, if they have a Piazza account, but it is under an email address other than their Microsoft Teams email address, they can log in using their existing Piazza login credentials. Their Microsoft Teams email will now be associated with their Piazza account and they will not be required to log in to Piazza the next time they access Piazza through Teams.


For any troubleshooting help, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at You can also join any of our daily demos or office hours. To see a schedule, click here.