The “Search for Teammates” feature is a great way for students to connect with their classmates, especially if an Instructor anticipates their students needing to find teammates for project work.

While the Teammates feature doesn’t create a new conversation channel within Piazza, it does help connect students who are looking to collaborate. 

Instructors can pull up "Search for Teammates" post first by typing @5 in the Q&A search bar:

Once Instructors click into the post they’ll see the following private post:

Instructors can click the Make Post Public button to make the post visible to students. By default, the “Search for Teammates” post is pinned. We recommend keeping this post pinned to the top of everyone’s feed to make it easy for students to locate. (click here to see how to pin a post!)

Once an instructor has made “Search for Teammates” public, students will be able to create a post to begin a teammate search:

Students can initiate a search as “one student” looking for others to work with, or they can start a search “from a group” looking for more students to collaborate with. Please note that when using “Search for Teammates” your Piazza account email will be visible. 

Once there are “open searches”, students can see those searches and respond if there’s a match! We’ll also notify students via email when others respond to their search. 

When the teammate search is complete, the student who created the post can mark the search as “Done. Marked as closed.”

Once students have found their Teammates, Instructors can create Groups so students can continue the conversation. Learn more about Groups here!