With feedback from instructors we have enhanced our polls functionality to allow for easier creation, editing, and cloning of polls. Below are the enhanced functionalities:

When creating a poll, you can now do the following: 

Select a group

Reorder poll choices by clicking on the hamburger icon and dragging poll choices to desired order

Edit a poll choice after it had been added 

Note: your last used polls settings will be remembered when creating a new poll 

When editing a poll, you can now do the following: 

Change the visibility of poll

Add new poll choices and reorder by clicking and dragging on the ☰ icon.

Edit Poll Selection Type

Edit Show Results to Students

Edit Revotes allowed

Edit poll anonymity  

Note: you are unable to change poll anonymity from fully anonymous to show names if there already are votes

When cloning a poll to the class:

The poll creation page will open with the same poll settings as the poll you cloned and you will be able to edit all the fields

When cloning a poll to another class:

The following poll settings will be carried over from the poll you are cloning – folders selected, poll details, poll selection type, poll summary, poll choices, and poll explanation. You’ll be able to easily edit any poll settings after cloning.