Piazza Q&A is designed to be accessible and compatible with common accessibility technologies. 

If you are still using Piazza Lite, please note the following functionalities are currently supported in Piazza Lite: 

  • Viewing class feed and individual posts
  • Creating and editing posts, answers, followups and replies
  • Switching between classes on user's account
  • Marking followups resolved and unresolved
  • Anonymous posting
  • Markdown, LaTeX, and code block support
  • Responding to polls and viewing results
  • Marking followups resolved and unresolved
  • Viewing Class at a Glance statistics
  • Searching and filtering Q&A feed (by unread, unanswered, unresolved, folders, etc.)
  • Main post actions (favorite, following, stop following)
  • Previewing posts
  • Upvoting and creating posts during Live Q&A sessions
  • Marking posts and followups with ‘Good question’, ‘Thanks’, ‘Helpful’
  • Support for private posts to instructors
  • Functionality parity while class is in ‘Lock/Inactive’ mode
  • Converting posts from question to note and vice versa


The following functionalities are not currently supported in Piazza Lite:


  • Reading Lists
  • Flagging as inappropriate
  • Marking posts as duplicate
  • Creating polls
  • Starting and stopping Live Q&A sessions
  • Saving drafts
  • Creating group posts
  • Creating announcements
  • History sliders on posts
  • Search for Teammates 
  • Default Piazza helper posts
  • Statistics
  • Manage Class


Piazza Lite is accessed on the individual user account level. To access Piazza Lite, users with a Piazza account can log in by visiting www.piazza.com/lite, or by visiting “Account/Email Settings” by clicking on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the page while logged in:



Under the “Account/Email Settings” page, scroll down to “Universal Access Preferences”, select the checkbox, and click “Save Accessibility Preferences”:



If you have any questions about Piazza Lite or accessibility, please send us an email at team@piazza.com.