Piazza-Canvas 1.3 Integration Instructions for LMS Administrators

We have upgraded to the latest IMS integration protocol, LTI version 1.3. This protocol gives control back to course administrators with the increased ability to regulate Piazza usage through the university’s learning management system (LMS). With LTI 1.3, Piazza will provide expanded administrative controls including enrollment management and roster synchronization with the university LMS.

LTI 1.3 requires the Piazza tool to be initially configured in the Developer Keys page, followed by being added to a course. Note: Developer Keys is an account permission. If you cannot view the Developer Keys link in Account Navigation, this permission has not been enabled for your user account.


  • Generate Developer Key:

    • Admin > Developer keys > Add LTI key

  • Send Client ID from Developer Key to Piazza

  • Add Tool by client ID

    • Settings> Apps > View App Configurations > Add App > Add by Client ID

Generating a Developer Key

The first step is to generate a developer key, which can be used in individual Canvas courses to install the Piazza app.

In the Global Navigation section, click Admin followed by the name of the account (“Piazza” in this example). 

Once you’ve selected your account, click on Developer Keys:

Under Developer Keys, click on + Developer Key and select + LTI Key from the drop-down:

Configuration for developer key:

  1. Redirect URIs: (Must be HTTPS) https://piazza.com/lti/connect

  2. Title: Piazza

  3. Description: Piazza Q&A 

  4. Target Link URIprovided by Piazza; school-specific. Please contact integrations@piazza.com to get your school’s Target Link URI 

  5. OpenID Connect Initiation URLprovided by Piazza; school-specific. Please contact integrations@piazza.com to get your school’s value

  6. JWK Method: Public JWK URL

  7. Public JWK URL: https://credentials.piazza.com/lti/jwk.json

You’ll need to enable the following setting under LTI Advantage Services to allow the tool to retrieve the user’s name and email from Canvas: “Can retrieve user data associated with the context the tool is installed in.”

Under Custom Fields, add the following parameters:

  • user_id=$User.id

  • logon_id=$User.username

  • course_id=$Canvas.course.id

The Privacy Level should be set to Public.

Navigate to the Placements field and add “Course Navigation” to ensure the tool appears in the Course Navigation sidebar.

Once these are configured, hit Save to create the key.

Take note of the value under Details, as this will be the number you’ll send to Piazza to complete the integration.

Please share this Key/Client ID with Piazza to complete the integration setup.

Adding the Piazza Tool to a Class

At the account level, external tools must be installed in the External Apps page in Account Settings. Users who have the appropriate permission to install an LTI key must also have the Client ID associated with the key.

Select By Client ID in the drop-down, and enter the Client ID/Key:

The Piazza app will now be viewable on the External Apps page.