Accessibility Improvements

Piazza Q&A has been designed to function more effectively with assistive technologies including screen readers, keyboard navigation, and other assistive technologies.

Recommended Browser and Screen Readers

Operating SystemScreen ReaderBrowser
WindowsJaws or NVDAChrome or Firefox
Mac OSVoiceOverSafari

Rich Text Editor Accessibility Shortcuts

The following Alt+key and Option+key shortcuts can only be used when the content area of the editor has focus.


TaskPC (Non-macOS users)macOS
Focus/jump to menu barAlt+F9Option+F9
Focus/jump to toolbarAlt+F10Option+F10
Focus/jump to element pathAlt+F11Option+F11
Close menu/submenu/dialogEscEsc
Return to the editor content areaEscEsc
Navigate left/right through menu/toolbarTab and the Arrow KeysTab and the Arrow Keys


For additional navigation keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts for applying some commonly-used formats, see: TinyMCE Keyboard shortcuts.

These shortcuts are provided by Tiny. More information can be found at TinyMCE's Accessibility Documentation

Accessibility Feedback & Bugs

If you encounter any issues with Piazza in regards to accessibility, or you have any feedback you'd like to share, please email us at