Once you've added Piazza to your LMS via LTI or through an LMS app integration, you should be able to access it within a link in your LMS. Here's how to take the next steps and configure your class within the LMS integration. 

Confirm Enrollment

Within your course, you will be prompted to confirm your Piazza enrollment. Please note that some information is transferred to Piazza from your LMS, including your name, email, and instructor role, as well as the course name and number of your course. If you are creating a Piazza account for the first time, please create a password and agree to our Terms of Use.

Once you confirm your Piazza account, you will be taken to a page to create a new Piazza class, or to link to a pre-existing Piazza class.

Create your class on Piazza

If you would like to create a new class on Piazza, your Class Name, Class Number, and Term will be automatically pulled from your course. Please fill out the Estimated Enrollment box (it’s okay if this number changes) and click “Create New Piazza Class”:

Already created a class on Piazza?

If you have already created a class on Piazza and would like to link it to your course, please enter the Class Number of your Piazza class (if it does not match your Course Number in your LMS) and click “Search for this class”:

Then, click "Link to this class" to complete the LTI link:

Your class should now be linked in your LMS.

The Piazza app integration allows ease of access to your Piazza course and the functionality remains virtually the same within your LMS. If you have any questions, please email us at help@piazza.com and we’ll help get you started!