Once you’ve added a Piazza class to your Team, enrollments are automatically managed. Members in your Team will be enrolled as students in your Piazza class (once a Member clicks the Piazza tab), and Owners in your Team will be enrolled as instructors in your Piazza class (once an Owner clicks the Piazza tab). You can also manually enroll students and instructors by visiting your ‘Manage Class’ tab in the top bar of your Piazza class.

To see what students see when they click the Piazza tab in your Team, check out this support page.

And, if you do not want students to be able to remove the Piazza app from your Team, remember to adjust Member Permissions within your Team. Unselect the checkbox that allows members to add and remove apps:



For any troubleshooting help, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at team@piazza.com. You can also join any of our daily demos or office hours. To see a schedule, click here.