With the move to online learning, we are seeing a tremendous increase in signups (4x increase), and many more feature requests as professors and students move to a new model. We realize that we need to move to a paid model in order to deliver this service. 

Where institutions would like to keep Piazza free for their instructors and students, they can sign up for an enterprise site license at the institute or school level, starting January 2021. Please email our team at team@piazza.com to engage on a site license.

Under our user paid model, instructors can purchase an instructor license or opt to select a student-pay model to use Piazza. It's free to get started, and a credit card is not required when creating your class. Payment is due 3 weeks after class start date, to allow for add/drop window.

An instructor license is $379(USD)/term for 400 student max class size, $429/term for 700 student max class size, and $479/term for unlimited class size; K-12 classes and classes with up to 25 students do not require licenses and are on a pay-what-you-can basis. When you purchase an instructor license, all students in your classes for that term are covered and do not need to pay. Alternatively, a department license for up to 2,000 students is $9,000/year and up to 3,000 students is $12,000/year. This would allow for unlimited classes per student in that department to use Piazza at no cost to them.

To purchase an instructor or department license, you can visit the "Piazza License Portal" from the gear dropdown menu in the top right of your screen, starting December 2020. Here, you can purchase an individual instructor license or multiple instructor licenses as well as a department license for your department. To see a step by step guide on purchasing and managing instructor or department licenses, click here.

Where an instructor or department does not have a license, we offer a student-pay model where students pay a nominal fee of $8 for their Piazza class. If a student is in multiple Piazza classes in any given term, they are only required to pay once: $8 covers the student for all their Piazza classes that term. Instructors can enable waivers (for up to 10% of students in their class) if they wish to allow students in financial hardship to request a waiver.

Through August 1, 2021, you and your students may continue using Piazza freely through our ad-supported model. Starting August 1, 2021, premium features will no longer be available with the ad-supported option and you will need to upgrade to our paid version — with an instructor-, school-, or department- license, or with the student-pay option — to access the following premium features: polls, statistics, and class locking capabilities. Ads are set up to be as least intrusive as possible and in no circumstances is course content (e.g., a professor’s posting, student discussions, etc.) being used for ad targeting or otherwise shared externally for advertising purposes. Please click here to learn more about our ad-supported model.

Finally, we never want money to be the reason you can't use Piazza. If your class warrants special circumstances, please do not hesitate to write in to us and let us know how we can support you and your students with your unique needs. Our hope is to be supportive and a partner to you while we shift to a paid model.

Should you have any questions regarding our paid model, or if you think your university would like to purchase a site license to keep Piazza free for your students, please email us at team@piazza.com

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