To create a poll in the Piazza app for iOS, first select the class in which you'd like to create the poll:

image showing Piazza class selection screen

Tap the pencil icon in the bottom right:

Select New Poll:

Fill out the title and description for your poll. We recommend including the central question of the poll in the poll description. You can use the "+" button to insert files and images.

Tap Next, then fill in the choices for your poll. Add a new poll choice by tapping add poll choice, and delete options using the minus ("-") button. Rearrange the order of choices by tap-dragging the lined icon to the right of a choice.

Next, add a poll explanation. This text is displayed after the poll closes and can be used to provide the correct answer or other information.

You can also configure the following poll properties. Please note that your last used poll settings will be remembered and automatically populate when creating a new poll.

Selection type: Choose between a single-choice or multiple-choice poll.

Show Results: This determines when, if ever, students can see the results of the poll. Instructors can view poll results at any time.

Show Names To: This determines whether poll responses are visible to all, only anonymous to students, or anonymous to all.

Closing date: The poll will automatically close at the set time. Once a poll is closed, no further votes are allowed, and the Poll Explanation will be displayed. You can also manually close or re-open a poll at any time.

Allow revotes: If enabled, students will be able to change their vote in the poll after casting it, as long as the poll is open.

Visible to class: If you'd like the poll to be visible right away, choose Now. If you'd like to publish the poll later, choose Later.

Once you've configured your poll settings as desired, tap Next.

On the next screen, choose folder(s) to organize your post, as well as the post's audience under Post to.

Tap Post to create your poll. If you chose to publish the poll later, it will be created as a private post. To publish the poll, tap the poll in your class feed to open it. Open the poll's actions menu in the bottom left, then select Publish the Poll to make the poll visible to its intended audience.