Piazza is continuously working on improving our product and platform for our users. Our best updates come from user feedback, so please feel free to get in touch at productfeedback@piazza.com with any concerns or suggestions. 

Below is a current list of features that have been implemented recently:

Runnable Code Snippets

You can now compile and run code snippets in published posts on Piazza. This is useful when you want to show quick examples of code to your students, peers, or instructors. You can choose whether or not you want to enable this feature for your class. Click here to learn more about Runnable Code Snippets.

Export Statistics Tool

The new Export Statistics Tool gives instructors powerful new features to download and analyze their class data on Piazza. Click here to learn more about the Export Statistics Tool.

Private Instructor Followups

Private instructor followups allows instructors and TAs to privately collaborate and discuss on best student answers before making it visible to students. This is helpful when you want to consider perspectives from a large teaching staff before signing off on an answer. Click here to learn more about Private Instructor Followups.

Nested Folders Functionality

Quickly and easily create sub-folders for even greater class organization. Click here to learn more about Nested Folders Functionality.

Lock a Class or Post

Class or post locking allows instructors to hide potentially sensitive information during times where you do not want to allow access including class exams, quizzes, and more. Click here to learn more about how to Lock a Class or Post.

Change the Audience of a Private Post

Click here to learn more about Changing the Audience of a Private Post

Resource Sorting

Click here to learn more about Resource Sorting.

Share a Link to a Post

Click here to learn more about Sharing a Link to a Post.

Enabling or Disabling Unresolved/Resolved Followups

We understand that not all classes are conducive to having unresolved or resolved discussions, so we added a feature that allows instructors to tailor this option to their own classes. Click here to learn more about Enabling or Disabling Unresolved/Resolved Followups.