Only instructors are able to view the Manage Class tab. Students do not see this tab in the top navigation.

Here is the student view of the top bar:

Instructors are able to access the Ban User Console or disable the history slider for a post from the history bar:

Instructors are also able to Lock a Post, preventing students from making any further contributions to the post:

Below is a student's view of the same post:

Instructors are also able to delete posts, while students do not have this ability.

The top image shows the student's dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of a post. The bottom image  shows instructor's dropdown menu in the same post:


The top image shows a student's view of the dropdown menu for each post in the Q&A feed, on the left-hand side of the screen. The bottom image shows the instructor's menu.

*Please note that instructors are defined as professors and TAs.