We want to help ensure you are able to stay connected with your students as classes move online. Here are some helpful tips for conducting your classes online with Piazza: 

  • Host Virtual Office Hours by designating times you will be answering questions live on Piazza.

  • Post videos of recorded lectures and conduct discussion via the followups section.

  • Use the polls feature to take virtual attendance, conduct quizzes, or keep tabs on student comprehension.

  • Use the resources tab to post class materials.

  • Use the private posting functionality to stay connected with fellow instructors, or help students who need private assistance. 

  • Create groups for students to continue working together in smaller sections. 

  • Integrate Piazza into your LMS for easier access for students. 

  • Download participation statistics to stay on top of student engagement and participation. 

For folks just getting started, here are some quick resources:

Our team is ready to support you. Reach out to us at any time at team@piazza.com.